What’s Included?

“Create Images that you can FEEL.”

Do you want to learn how to create beautiful, bold, colorful images full of emotion? Join me in my online course through Clickin Moms releasing in February 20th, 2018.

Bold, Emotional, Colorful Lifestyle Imagery is for photographers at any skill level of their journey wanting to take their art to the next level. This breakout is about creating images with purpose. You will find a Directing Guide to creating family moments that makes you FEEL something. Discussing types of lighting, composition techniques, using sun flare, white balance, color theory and more…

Includes a 125 page e-book
2 in-home session videos
1 on-location video
4 editing videos
1 bonus video
1 bonus PDF “The Magic of Freelensing”



Bold, Emotional, Colorful Lifestyle Photography from Erica Williams on Vimeo.