The Photographer’s Dream

  Being a photographer has to be the most mentally draining yet rewarding industry. Most photographers make $20-$30k a year if they had a GOOD year. It’s not a lot of money and it requires you to wear a lot of hats. You need to be the artist, the book keeper, the customer service rep, editor, marketing expert, website developer, computer tech all on top of being a mom and wife. It seems to be very seasonal at times. During those slow months, I feel like giving up. No business coming in at all, no emails. I think why do I even do this to myself? I could have a regular job and be making money right now. Everyday that is on my calendar that goes unbooked is money not earned. I would love to be out there shooting and doing something, creating memories for a sweet family. This is what makes my heart happy but it doesn’t always pay the bills. It’s a constant struggle between holding onto something you love and letting it go and not looking back. I have been a full-time photographer for 11 years. What would I even do if I wasn’t a photographer? This is WHO I AM. Social media is no help. You put your BEST photo out there and you know it’s good and going to get so many comments and likes and then crickets. No one likes it, no one comments, does anyone even care? There I go again wondering if this is what I should be doing? Am I really bad and just don’t realize it? Do people just not care? It has to be me. The STRUGGLE is REAL. Thing is I really love photography. I would never give it up. I have tried other things and always come back because it’s what makes me happy, like truly happy. I honestly miss taking photos when I am not behind the camera. I crave the creativity. I know this is what I was meant to do. So I will keep fighting and stick it out. Just know there are other photographers and creatives that have these same thoughts everyday. They don’t need someone telling them they are overpriced, because this is how they make a living. They are putting their hearts out there. This is how they pay bills just like you do when you go to your job. You probably make more than your photographer. Give us a break, we are doing the best we can to hold it all together and make this work. This is our dream. We give up so much to be here doing what we love.

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